Bats of Britain and Europe 2ed
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This concise and definitive second edition guide presents all 45 bat species that regularly occur in Europe (of which 17 are known to breed in the British Isles). The extensive introduction details the remarkable biology of bats and explores the latest findings in bat evolution, behaviour and echolocation. This is followed by in-depth species accounts covering life history, conservation status and identification, including echolocation characteristics, and complemented by accurate distribution maps, with Bats of Britain and Europe illustrated throughout with superb colour photography. Suitable for beginners, students, professionals or conservationists alike, Bats of Britain and Europe is the authoritative field guide for bat watchers – an essential reference for every bat enthusiast.

Contents Bats – the mystery beings 10 Bat roosts 54 Tracking bats 80 Detecting bats 100 Identification of bats 128 Identification of bat hair from faecal samples 134 Species identification of hibernating bats 144 Species identification of an animal in the hand 156 Identification key of European bats in the hand 164 Detailed identification key to European bats – Part 1: bat families 170 Identification key to European bats – Part 2: horseshoe bats 172 Identification key to European bats – Part 3: bent-winged bats 174 Identification key to European bats – Part 4: vesper or plain-nosed bats 175 The bat species 200 Introduction to the species accounts 202 Fruit bats Pteropodidae 206 Horseshoe bats Rhinolophidae 210 Vesper or plain-nosed bats Vespertilionidae 232 Bent-winged bats Miniopteridae 380 Free-tailed bats Molossidae 382 Glossary 387 Bibliography 389 Index 394

Auteur(s) Christian Dietz, Andreas Kiefer
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