Handbook of the Birds of the World: special Volume

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The commitment with the Handbook of the Birds of the World Series has been to cover and illustrate every species of bird in the world. This task has taken from 1992, with the publication of Volume 1, to 2011 with the publication of volume 16, the last in the Series. However, a number of species genuinely new to Science have been described since the publication of the relevant volumes, and therefore are not featured in the 16 volumes of HBW.

This special volume will cover and illustrate all these species, 57 in total with texts, plates and distribution maps in typical HBW format. Also, in response to the many requests from subscribers over the years, the special volume will include a global index to the collection, an indispensable and useful tool which will enable users to quickly find the specific species they are looking for in the more than 12,500 pages of the 16 volumes.

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ISBN 9788496553880
Auteur del Hoyo, Josep, Elliott, Andrew, Christie, David, Sargatal, Jordi
Taal Engels
Pagina's 812
Publicatiedatum 2012
Uitgever Lynx Edicions
Uitvoering Paperback
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