Moths of Europe - Volume 5: Noctuids 1

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Moths of Europe - Volume 5: Noctuids 1 covers moths traditionally classified in the Noctuidae family encountered in Europe and its neighbouring regions. Here the contemporary classification is adopted. Four families are featured: Noctuidae, Euteliidae, Nolidae and Erebidae. The Erebidae now include some moths formerly placed in separate families but downgraded to subfamily level i.e. the Arctiinae and Lymantriinae, which were covered in Volume 1 of this guide-book series. More than 1500 species are illustrated in both volumes and described in detail, with special focus on their possible variations. Their biology is also highlighted (food-plants, the biotopes they frequent, their usual flight-times and distribution). The status of some taxa has also been revised, bringing one new species and several new subspecies. Where accurate identification is especially difficult, photos of genitalia of both sexes are shown. Distribution maps are presented for the majority of species featured. Volume 5 covers Erebidae, Eutelidae and part of the Noctuidae up to the Apameini.

Covers 750 species, 1.400 photos, 123 maps

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ISBN 9782913688308
Auteur Patrice Leraut
Taal Nederlands
Pagina's 620
Publicatiedatum 2019
Uitgever NAP Editions
Uitvoering Hardcover
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